BOLT ARF-Plus Package

BOLT ARF-Plus Package

Upon multiple requests we offer our BOLT! now also with an ARF-Plus Package. This package includes the following accessories, readily installed in the airframe:

#430106 Fuel Saddle Tank Pair (installed, plumbed and ready to connect to the UAT of your choice

#430107 Spiral reinvorced Thrust Tube (installed and readily connected to the carbon engine duct)

#430500 Electron Landing Gear with wheels/brakes (installed, operational, gear and strut doors connected and functional)

Please note: This package can only be ordered together with the basic kit and will be installed in the factory. It cannot be retrofitted or added to an order at a later time!

Item Number: 430999

Price incl. 19% VAT (Germany):  2,089.64 EUR

VAT-Rates can change depending on delivery country

w/o Tax:  1,756.00 EUR

Tax (VAT/GST):  333.64 EUR

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