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Is the world finally ready for an ultra-performing ALL COMPOSITE 100” (2.6m) 3D aerobatic plane? It’s a good question. We at CARF-Models think: Yes, the world is ready! If you agree, read further and act soon...

Please welcome CARF's all new Extra 330LX 2.6m. Witness a unique marriage of two success stories, where the most successful design elements of the 100” PAU Extra 330LX were fused with the world leading composite technology of CARF-Models for a stunning result!



Not only did our talented CARF Team Members have a lot of input in the aerodynamic and structural design. A wealth of their flight testing went into the prototypes, too. Uncompromising fine tuning resulted in perfection after all. Team work was truly DREAM WORK in this case. A perfect example of paying forward and reaping success. We couldn’t be happier presenting another milestone in Model Aviation: The CARF-Models Extra 330LX 2.6m.

It has been designed for modern 3D flying. But even for sequence flying it is pretty well suited. A 120 cc engine provides the perfect power on e.g. a 28x9.5 Falcon Prop with stock mufflers or a 28x11 with TD-80K canisters or even tuned pipes. The control surfaces are center hinged, the sealed bevels are precisely designed for the desired deflections of 38 degree aileron and 55 degree elevator and rudder. Servos are ganged where needed. They are installed close to the CG of the aircraft. A pushrod for elevator control eliminates the need to install heavy servos in the tail, thus we were able to achieve the required CG position at a very competitive weight. All parts are strictly weight controlled and documented in individual QC sheets. 7 top class servos lead their massive torque into the strong composite control surfaces like no other. The stiffness and rigidity of the composite construction make it feel so much more rock solid than any wooden 3D airplane, and without the weight penalty of other composite aerobatic designs it blows all competition away. You have to fly it to feel it and to believe it.





Even a few more very cool features have been taken over from our successful 3m aerobatic planes, such as the clamped single piece landing gear and the beautiful gear cuffs and interlocking wheel pants, the access hatch under the vertical fin, the pre-installed, sealed canister compartment, the signature ganged servo mounts and the single bolt canopy fixing over a cross-braced fuselage opening… not to speak of the general prefabrication, which is higher than ever found in this class of airplanes.





The introduction of a market sweeping structural design would not be complete without some fantastic color schemes. New, fresh, highly visible and controversial.

The "Scheme Of Change" boasts beautifully curved lines overall and gill-shaped highlights on the fuselage. A great contrast between top and bottom surfaces will help orientation in flight. The “Scheme Of Challenge” on the other hand consists of crisp, straight contrasting lines, which give the airplane a fast and aggressive new look.

Both schemes allow swapping the originally chosen colors for your personal favorite once production is well underway. However, we might not be able to accommodate color swaps at production start, simply because we are overrun by the demand and need to streamline production as strictly as possible. It’s the only way to get these planes out to you at the highest possible rate. 





Going composite means more performance, precision and longevity.

Going Composite also means saying Goodbye to cracking glue joints, wrinkling covering and replacing worn-out airframes season by season.

Are you ready for this experience? If so, we’re expecting you contacting us soon…








    102" (2600 mm)


     99" (2520 mm)


    28 - 29 Lbs (12.8 - 13.3 kg) dry


    120-130 cc


     8 high power digital servos (38-50 kg/cm)

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