Sukhoi SU-30 (Venezuelan Scheme)


The 5th Anniversary Venezuelan Air Force Scheme has someyhing very special to it. On the one hand a mean camo pattern grey in grey, as dangereous as it can look, on the other hand a brilliant 3-color artwork on the long and pointed SU-30 fins in bright Venezuelan national colors. Extensive contacts with the original painters in Venezuela allowed us to replicate this scheme extremely scale. For us one of the most attractive schemes ever painted on this fantastic aircraft.

On special request and an extra fee we add a flat clear coat after decals application and paint/sand the engine hot sections with the original Tailormade Platinum paint. Contact us by email

Item Number: 364000


Price: 6,600.00 USD

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    68" (2200 mm)


     126" (3200 mm)


   50 - 53 lb (23 - 24 kg)


    2x 100 N


     11 - 13 high power digital servos

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