General Information

One of the most successful Sport Jets ever. CARF-Models is bringing this great flying plane back from former Skygate Collection production,with a lot of refinements and most importantly, ARF and painted in the molds. The Skygate Viper always was the best flying, the strongest and in terms of aerobatic competitions, the most successful ViperJet out there. CARF took on the challenge making new molds from a refined plug. Now we can paint these beauties in the molds and increase prefabrication to Flash- and Lightning level. Besides a number of standard schemes, CARF is going to offer full customizing options. Not only color swaps but fully individual custom schemes will be made to order as we do with other sport jets of our range of product.

The Viper is a highly prefabricated kit, truly ARF and well engineered. It has proven for many years to be a robust jet, competing at the highest level in aerobatic contests around the world. Some of the features, which make the CARF version even more unique:

  • which can be permanently glued or removably bolted together.
  • Removable fin with the rudder being attached with a steel hinge pin
  • Composite wing with straight wing tips, ailerons and huge flaps on elastic hinges
  • Large stab with readily installed and aligned stab tube, elevator elastic flap
  • Huge canopy with components for a vacuum formed cockpit included, providing the option to make a very detailed scale cockpit with aftermarket parts
  • Landing gear mounts for the proven Airtech Germany gear installed
  • All composite ducting and stainless thrust tube included
  • Painted in the mold in standard schemes or fully customized


Structual Components

The fuselage is separated right where the inlets hide the joint. It can be permanently glued or remain to be joined with 4 bolts. All structural components, as well as the stab and fin joiner sleeves, are glued in the mold for perfect allignment and structural integrity.

The wings have a well thought out spar and rib inlay. The gear mount is very well integrated into this structure. Elastic flap hinges are built in flaps and ailerons.

The horizontal stab is very large, that's why also this component needs considerable interal reinforcement. The removable fin features a hidden linkage and control horn.



Fuel Tank

We use our proven 4.5 l Kevlar fuel cell, which is already used in our Hawk and Tutor. it mounts with a milled wood structure on the wing tube and two aluminum brackets to the former, right where the two fuselage parts separate. Very easy maintenance and still room for one or even two smoke tanks in the CG area... Necessary wood parts and other hardware to install this tank is included in the kit.




We confirmed to use the well proven Airtech Germany landing gear for the Viper. Hundreds of units out there have proven to work flawlessly, and the old saying "don't fix it if it ain't broken" definitely has some weight here. The gear fits tightly into the mouting boards preinstalled into wing and fuselage. The springs of the gear's trailing link struts are adjusted for the Viper's total weight, the castor angle fits the wheel cutout perfectly.

We strongly recommend to use this landing gear, as it is designed for the purpose and will give you hassle free installation and operation. A pneumatic installation pack is also available, consisting of valves, airtank and all the bits and pieces needed to install and operate the gear.



Cockpit Kit

Admitted, not a superscale cockpit. But hey, everybody knows that a superscale cockpit is always and expensive and heavy project. Our philosophy at CARF is to provide a good looking, light weight cockpit which makes the plane look good on the ground and in the air. Therfore, we opted to install the 4 elements (2 seats and 2 dash boards) separately, using only Velcro for a very quick installation and removal. Supports and mounts are glued into the front fuselage permanently, where they do not interfere with other equipment.



Included Hardware

As usual, CARF only provides high quality hardware with any of their kits. There is no exception for the Viper. Complete and well prepared all bolts, nuts, ball links and linkages are included. Two equipment trays, designed to be installed and removed with little effort, and other wooden parts are CNC milled plywood, some carbon fibre reinforced. We want to make sure that our Viper is a joy to build, and fly. Good hardware is a key factor for successful operation. 


Flying Performance

Flying the ViperJet is a great experience. Great slow flight characteristics and capable of fast fly bys straight like an arrow. Neutral roll performance, and strong enough to survive a snaproll, too. The ground handling is great due to the wide trailing link gear, and the wheels are large enough to handle well on grass runways.Yes, there are quite some Vipers out there. But Skygate is the most sold, most proven and strongest one, now available in the legendary CARF construction, backed by the CARF spare parts policy and after sales service.

So, if you are shopping for a Viper in the 160 N engine class, consider the CARF ViperJet MK2 is your best choice.

Michael Thomas & Jannik Engelskirchen

(Formations-Team WildVipers - GER)

For us as a synchronous team it's always hard to find the right model, because we place high requirements on the model.
In addition to the robustness and quality, especially the flight behavior plays an important role. When you fly close to each other nothing can go wrong!
Our choice was clearly the CARF-Models ViperJet. The degree of prefabrication and kit quality convince and a quick easy spare parts supply is also ensured, if it should come to the utmost.
The Viper has a high speed range and very neutral flight characteristics, which benefits us at our shows. Especially in downward passages is the bulky fuselage beneficial, because it brakes and gives us a constant speed. With the EvoJet B-170ex, the Viper has a very good weight/performance ratio so that you can make small adjustments quickly and accurately.
Another important aspect is the retract. We are on many different airfields - from asphalt to grass. The retract set offered by CARF has never left us in the lurch and master every underground.
Overall at the moment we can't imagine a better model for formation flying as these ViperJet.
    98,4" (2500 mm)


     88,6" (2250 mm)


    30-35 Lbs (14-16 kg)


    140-180 N


    8 high class digital servos

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