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Often referred to as the Hun, a shortened version of “one hundred”, the F-100 Super Sabre served with the United States Air Force (USAF) from 1954 to 1971 and with the Air National Guard (ANG) until 1979. It was the first USAF fighter capable of supersonic speed in level flight.

The CARF-Models F-100 SuperSabre scale jet has a long history and an interesting story to tell, but ultimately the cooperation during a gone-by era between CARF and Elite Aerosports signs responsible for its absolutely outstanding scale fidelity and performance. It had been an “industry first” in many ways, but mainly we had taken the decision to offer this aircraft as a model over 25 kg. But that had proven to be very difficult to sell. So we have made the effort to re-design the kit and try to get it, despite its size, below the 25 kg limit. And we were successful! The new, "Light Weight" F-100 from CARF-Models is an impressive example of what is possible today in composites. The very thin wing and stab sections require the use of carbon fibre in abundance to be strong and stiff enough. Still the final weight has to be watched, and that was the difficult part of redesigning this magnificent scale airplane. All connecting rods, stab and wing tubes are carbon fibre. Gear mounts are carbon reinforced as well. 

Besides its very low weight we have managed to reduce the complexity of the kit to a more manageable level. We omitted the working leading edge slats by making new molds for the wings, saving a lot of weight and hassle. And with the lower wing loading, you wouldn't notice that the slats are not functional anymore. The speedbrake is optional now. The fuel tank system has been changed to a single tank of 5.5 l, plenty of fuel for a 200-220 N engine. And such a 220N class engine is all the new light weight F-100 will need to be powered extremely well. 


All the complicated torsion linkages have been eliminated and rudder and flaps have now a direct control horn and linkage. 

The fuselage separation has been kept, the thrust tube is now mounted permanently in the rear fuselage, which is possible because the full engine ducting has been eliminated as well.

A new ELECTRIC scale landing gear is available for this plane and all gear doors are designed for servo opration. That is as simple as it gets. 


And the prefabrication of his kit has been taken to the ultimate level. Only servo, gear and engine installation are required to complete this airplane. Gear doors are hinged, all control surfaces are readily installed, control horns glued in... And then, there are some external scale items, of course included in the kit, which need to be installed, such as the long characteristic pitot tube and the refueling probe...

Optionally available is a lighting set and the set of drop tanks with Pylons. But these might take the plane slightly over 25 kg.




The flying characteristics represent what everybody expects from a Super Sabre. And some. No scale jet could be slicker, faster, still more docile and neutral than an F-100. The CARF-Models F-100 does everything that much better, slicker, faster and more docile and neutral than any other F-100 on the market. Simply due to its massive size, strength and stiffness. The approach of no compromise, whatsoever, results in the Best money can buy.

Enter a new world of Jet Model Experience! Go big! Go bold! Jump the gun and go with our “Hun”.




    2500 mm


     3600 mm (without pitot 3100 mm)


    24 - 25 kg


    220 - 300 N


    12 digital high class servos

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