Now available in the same prefabrication levels as our REBELs. The regular kit comes now without landing gear, tank and thrust tube. An ARF plus package where the gear, tank and thrust tube is factory installed can be ordered on top of the kit. 

Too often we were asked whether or not we would supply the UltraFlash EVO without landing gear. Be it because there was a gear set still around, or simply our choice of JP brand wasn't convenient. With our Rebels it always was easy. You just ordered the plain ARF kit. In case you wanted to enjoy the ultra high prefabrication with gear, tank and thrust tube installed, you simply added the ARF-Plus package on top of that. And this is exactly how our UltraFlash EVO is going to be supplied now!



General Information

The important information is that all the good things have been kept. The perfect size, the ultimate strength, the great aerobatic capabilities, the wide speed range, the rugged construction. Also we commit to impressive, new schemes as always. Composite parts painted in the molds with  touched up seams as well as functional accessories have always been the key components for our Flash/Ultraflash, and will be in the future. 

However, there were still a few things which grew a little outdated over time. So nobody needed the receiver pack pockets in the wood structure anymore, where the bulky NiCd batteris would fit - neither the mount for the mechancial air valve. Even though it was a little sentimental when we actually got rid of it: 12 years of an un-paralleled success story eliminated.

But all the improvements in detail, the fine tuning of the successful design, make still a big difference and a great step forward. Of course pre-fabrication became even higher, we even offer an optional installation of electric retracts for you right in the factory.

Getting the UltraFlash EVO in the air will require no more than 10 hours of work, including the installation of servos and propulsion. THAT's a revolution for the price. 

We offer the UltraFlash EVO in new schemes and in a white base, ready to apply various vinyl wraps we're going to offer. Just as car-wrapping has become increasingly popular, so you can change the appearance of your UltraFlash EVO as you wish, anytime and economically, with a new wrap.




The fuselage is pretty much unchanged on the outside, in the wood structure details lie the improvements. A simplifying "nose job" allows easier gear and RC installation. We have eliminated the intake liner, shortened the structural intakes to give more room for fuel. The canopy mount has remained the same, as well as the simple but attractive cockpit tub, which can be installed easily for a great look.



Wing and Stab

The wing was redesigned in the gear mount area, allowing the struts and wheels of the new retracts to fit precisely into the wheel wells. The servo mounts for the flap and aileron servos are now pre-assembled and absolutely ready for your servo install. The stabs will accept elevator servos with up to 21 mm width now. 



Propulsion and Fuel System

Subtle but noticable changes in this area have really improved the overall quality and practicability of the UltraFlash. The Turbine mounting itself hasn't changed, but we have redesigned how the thrust tube assembles and mounts in the fuselage. The connection between carbon bell mouth and stainless thrust tube is prepeared with pre-drilled holes so that it can be inserted in the fuselage and then screwed together in seconds. We have also changed the thrust tube material to the hard and superlight 0.15mm stainless steel we were able to source.

Last but not least, a new fuel tank with 3.5 l capacity will eliminate the need for the wing tank when using larger engines, and render the optionally available saddle tanks  copletely unnecessary. Instead the wing tank can be used for smoke. Therfore the intakes have been shortened and the removable intake liner eliminiated. This simplification of the fuel system is one of the biggest improvements, we're sure. For the SPEED junkies it can be said, that the optional small main tank in conjunction with the full intake liner, are still available and can be installed optionally. Thrust tube and fuel tank are now available as accessory and will only be installed, if you order the ARF-Plus package with the kit. 





A new electric retractable landing gear has been designed and put in production, which fits the new UltraFlash EVO like a glove. This E-Gear can be ordered pre-installed by the factory, so it will be immediately functional. Highly abrasion restistant wheels are installed, electric brakes are perfectly dimensioned for a smooth and safe stop.




Flying Characteristics

Well, that's the only area where there is no change at all. It is just as awesome as all the previous versions of Flash/UltraFlash were, to put this design pinnacle through its paces.

From an effortless short take-off, through smooth flight routines the Ultra Flash installs confidence in any pilot who controls it. Rock solid when flown slowly, the large flaps make slow flybys a joy, but clean up and open the throttle fully and the Ultra Flash becomes a racing thoroughbred, the clean lines allow smooth fast aerobatics where she ’tracks like on rails’ When it’s time to land, the greatest joy occurs, lower the flaps to the landing position, increase the power to counter the huge drag and fly the Ultra Flash around to your landing site threshold, only chopping the power at the last minute, allows a super gentle touch down and short rollout. The Ultra Flash EVO, just as its predecessors, will give rewarding performance with any turbine from 100-140 N thrust.

If you never had one, it's time to get your first. If you had a few, you know that you will always need one... The CARF-Models UltraFlash, now EVO!

    70" (1800 mm)


     81" (2065 mm)


    22 - 28 Lbs (10 - 13 kg) dry


    80 - 160 N


    7 - 8 high power digital servos

UltraFlash EVO New Manual

This manual is a preliminary short manual with all the updated features described. It will enable anyone to successfully build, set up and test fly the our new UltraFlash EVOs.




Insider Tip