BOLT! (Honeycomb Scheme red, white, black)


This is the ultimate sport jet for the ones who love sleek, fast flying with jets. The 1st prototype was painted in this stunning honeycomb scheme, red, white and black, with fine silver honeycomb structure on wing and stab tips. This color combo is greatly visible in blue and grey skies. The very different bottom scheme with black and white cheuquers makes it even easier to determine position and attitude of the plane in the sky... contact us for color swaps!!!

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Item Number: 431000


Price: 5,550.00 USD

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    94" (2400 mm)


     110" (2800 mm)


    36 Lbs (17 kg) dry 55 lbs (25 kg) fully loaded


    220 - 260 N


    10 high class 20 mm standard size digital servos and 1 15 mm digital Mini Servo

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