2 versions available!

V1: Electric Retracts installed 

V2: Electric Retracts and 8 Coreless HV Servos installed and wired (PNP)

General Information

Small Sport jets are trendy...! The CARF-Models Joker is following this development, being based on our former and smaller EDF Sport Jet "Spark", now a little enlarged in size, simplified in design and prepared for the increasingly popular 70-80 N jet engines. 


160 cm wing span and a little under 2m length, single piece wing and stab mounted to the fuselage from the bottom with 2 dowels and 2 bolts, all control surfaces pre-hinged as elastic flaps, all these features follow the successful path of our larger sport jets, such as the UltraFlash. To make it even more compact, the fuselage has a removable nose cone which allows transportation in very small cars. And the box size is very small as well, thus UPS shippable around the globe at economical prices. 


The component layout is very simple, open ducting and a single central fuel tank makes all installation very easy and light. It is prepared to side-mount 8 common 15 mm servos such as a SAVOX 1260. Prefabrication has been taken to a level where only the servos have to be clicked in and engine has to be mounted with 4 screws. The electric retract is included in the kit and already installed. A complete hardware includes linkages and all necessary hardware in German quality. Also in prefabrication and completeness it beomes a benchmark. Almost Plug&Play the Joker comes along. Complete with fuel tank, thrust tube, servo mounts, even an electric retract is already installed.


RC Installation

All servos are pepared to be mounted on their side. Common size 15mm servos are used. A regular 15 mm Mini Servo just drops in and get held down with a carbon plate and two screws. High quality linkages, cut to their exact length, are included in the hardware bag. A PNP version with 8 Digital Coreless HV Servos installed and wired is available from stock, too.


Landing Gear

The CARF-Models Joker comes with an electric retract set, already instealled and ready to operate. It includes rugged rubber wheels, electric brakes and an integrated controller operating all the functions either from the receiver battery or from a separate power source. The nose gear comes with a direct servo mount on the strut, eliminating additional mechanical connections or cables. The gear is very strong and proven by thousands of similar sized sport jets on our flying fields world wide. 


Propulsion & Fuel System

The CARF-Models Joker is designed for 70-80 N engines. These engines are light weight, have very economical fuel consumption, thus allow flying times of well over 7 minutes with the included fiberglass fuel tank. The fuel tank mount is already installed, the fuel tank set comes with a hopper tank and all plumbing hardware. 

The dual wall thrust tube is made from superlight stainless steel and aluminum, has a carbon entry cone and drops right into the fuselage, interlocking with the engine formers.


Flight Characteristics

There is no difference in flight performance to even significantly larger Sport Jets. The CARF-Models Joker flies "large". Not twitchy at all, rock solid it all maneouvers. The speed range is wide and both the aerobatic capabilities as well as the slow flight characteristics are extremely impressive. You have to see it, you have to fly it yourself to believe.


    63" (1600 mm)


     77" (1950 mm)


    14 Lbs (6.5 kg) dry


    70-80 N


    8 high torque digital mini servos

This is a preliminary Instrution Manual with the most important infromation to build and set up our Joker. It will be sufficient for the time being to support your equipment installation and to help set up the plane for the first flights.

Insider Tip